Life Celebration Festival

Dear friends, sisters and brothers! We want to thank all of you for being with us and make Life Celebration Festival possible!

unfortunately we have made a decision which was hard for us to make but it was necessary because the circumstances around us do not allow us to go further in the same way we did until now…
Yes its true Life Celebration Festival will not be held this year and we have at the moment no plans for the future… but we have our hearts full of love and passion for psychedelic music and we are definitely back on road when the circumstances change.

However our team has splited and some of us are going their own ways, we all feel sorry for leaving you without the lovely festival at the beautiful Adriatic Sea but we promise you that this is not the end it’s just a new beginning. As we already said we have splited as the initial team but we are still friends and support each other… The background for our decision is of financial nature, we have faced astronomical bills especially from our security company which is mainly the reason for pulling the brakes and we have huge debts which are simply not allowing us to go further…

As you know our team was a bit international a cooperation of people from Croatia, Austria & Serbia… so all of them are working on future projects mostly based at their countries until we gain enough energy to come together again!!!

Therefore watch out for future events coming from us maybe under different names and different locations! What we do is our passion and cannot be suppressed… We have to do what we love and we will share it with you as we always did!!!

The Austrian team has already started a new project under the name “Positive Intensions Team” and their first event will be held in Vienna on 22nd of April 2017

If someone wants to help and support us to recover more quickly, please get in contact with Rio our Croatian companion and initiator of LCF under:

We all want to say THANK YOU!

For being with us, supporting us and making all this possible… remember together we are strong and can do anything, only the imagination is the limit!!!

Enjoy the Life Celebration Festival 2016 after movie & stay tuned for the future, we will be back!!!

Peace, Love & Unity



is connecting people to co-create good vibes, to celebrate life, to be grateful, always surrounded by beautiful nature, good music and happy people.

Stay tuned for more info and line up updates!

Love & Light the LCF-Crew

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